China’s Development and Dilemmas

China’s Development and Dilemmas

Authentic Readings for Advanced Learners
1st Edition
by Chih-p’ing Chou, Yongtao Zhang, Yunjun Zhou

China's Development and Dilemmas compiles fourteen authentic readings to provide a nuanced picture of contemporary China. Focusing largely on controversial political and social dilemmas in Chinese society since the implementation of economic reforms, this book addresses topics such as environmental problems, reform and development, culture and identity, and democracy issues. Thoughtfully selected essays originally written for educated Chinese audiences by outstanding experts in their respective fields help learners gain a deeper understanding of and historical perspective on problems central to the Chinese experience, while building advanced academic and professional proficiency in Chinese. 

Background information at the start of each lesson provides social and historical context for each writer or topic, and original extensive reading passages written by the authors complement the main texts and provide additional reading practice. A rich array of practice activities and exercises in each lesson helps refine students' communicative and critical thinking skills. The lessons in this textbook can be taught in any order, alllowing for flexible classroom use.

A rich companion website at provides supporting audio, video, study guides, and teaching tips, empowering students and teachers to make the most of the materials.


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Table of Contents

China’s Development and Dilemmas Table of Contents

Unit 1: Environmental Problems -环境问题

第一课 - 改革开放的新声与新生 by 周质平
            泛读课文: 中国媒体的“三巨头”
第二课 - 《穹顶之下》:孩子的天空 by 柴静
            泛读课文: 不同人眼中的柴静
第三课 - 《穹顶之下》:留住蓝天 by 柴静
            泛读课文: 面子与实惠
第四课 - 《穹顶之下》:责任与行动 by 柴静
            泛读课文: 全球变暖的真相

Unit 2: Reform and Development -改革与发展

第五课 - 停止计划生育政策的紧急呼吁 by 茅于轼, 穆光宗, 易富贤, and 梁建章
            泛读课文: 没有计划生育政策的世界
第六课 - 网络时代的中国政治变革 by 郑永年
第七课 - 中国如何改革成为清廉国家 by 郑永年
第八课 - 三十年来中美关系的变与不变 by 王缉思

Unit 3: Culture and Identity -文化与认同

第九课 - 汉字是无辜的 by 周质平
            泛读课文: 世界语的兴起与衰落
第十课 - 美国华侨与中国文化 by 余英时
            泛读课文: 普通话、简体字与香港人
第十一课 - 台湾的认同与定位 by 余英时
            泛读课文: 台湾社会的族群对立

Unit 4: Democracy Issues -民主问题

第十二课 - 民主是个好东西 by 俞可平
            泛读课文: 多数人暴政与少数人权利
第十三课 - 眼前世界文化的趋向 by 胡适
            泛读课文: 西化与现代化
第十四课 - 我们必须选择我们的方向 by 胡适
            泛读课文: 南渡、北归与海外流亡


“Students outside of China . . . normally see China through the lens of Western or their own local media. The essays in this volume—all authentic materials written for a well-educated native Chinese audience—reflect the viewpoints of native Chinese intellectuals, giving students an understanding of contemporary China through the eyes and minds of the Chinese.”

— —Vivian Ling, former Professor and Director of IUP in Taipei and Beijing

An impressively informative and pioneering volume on the subject, "China's Development and Dilemmas: Authentic Readings for Advanced Learners" brings together essential authentic writings by leading Chinese intellectuals on important issues in contemporary China. A wide range of thought-provoking topics invites students to take different points of view and engage in discussion and debate. Highly effective activities to enhance students' communicative and critical thinking skills round out the volume. Topics are addressed discretely, giving teachers flexibility on which reading to introduce when. Most importantly, this work enables students to achieve professional functionality...Exceptionally well organized and presented, "China's Development and Dilemmas" is an ideal curriculum textbook and unreservedly recommended for college and university library Contemporary China collections and supplemental studies lists.

— Library Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review