Sogang Korean 4B, Workbook and CD

Sogang Korean 4B, Workbook and CD

Korean for Non-Native Speakers
Second Edition

This workbook is ideal for honing communication skills in Korean. Students can use this book to review lessons at home and practice the speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills taught in the textbook. Games or culture capsules appear at the end of each unit for further review.


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8 x 10
About the Series

This newly released second edition of Sogang Korean has been revised based on feedback from the field and provides a comprehensive approach to Korean communication. The format allows the learner to select and focus on any of the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). These skills are connected by a common learning objective in each lesson, enabling the student to build on each through new situations and repetition.

Each set includes a student book, grammar and vocabulary supplement, and Audio CD. The student book includes grammar explanation and meaningful practice dialogues to help students learn new language functions and create their own original conversations. The grammar and vocabulary supplementary booklet allows students to preview and review lessons themselves and contains grammar explanations, new vocabulary, and an index. The student book audio CD offers speaking, listening, reading, pronuciation, and intonation exercises. Each lesson begins with objectives and tasks to facilitate the learning process for beginners. To further assist independent study, the set also includes English explanations of Korean grammar, scripts for each CD, and a glossary of terms. Each student book and corresponding workbook covers 75-100 hours of Korean language study.