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FluencyLink Adventures in Japanese




Adventures in Japanese series for middle and high school Japanese language programs is available for the 2022-23 school year on FluencyLink.™  

FluencyLink Student's Edition: online textbook, online workbook, audio playback

FluencyLink Teacher's Edition: online textbook, online workbook, audio and a download of the Teacher's Guide-to-Go

To learn more about FluencyLink for Adventures in Japanese, contact sales at


Key new FluencyLink™ features for teachers’ and students’ online learning needs: 


Students Can: Teachers Can: School District and School Administrators Can:
  • Personalize their learning by creating highlights, bookmarks, and notes in the textbook and workbook
  • Stream in-book audio and access additional lesson resources
  • View and submit homework and assessments and receive scores and feedback
  • Multi-device access via desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices, including offline reading with the mobile app. 
  • Gain insight on ebook usage and performance with dashboards and reports, by class and by student
  • Create custom questions and assessments using a range of auto-scored question types such as multiple choice, drag & drop, fill in the blank, and teacher-scored descriptive and audio-recording question types.  
  • Create, assign, and review custom homework, and track homework progress
  • Flexible assigning of materials, homework, and assessments to individual students, class groups, or the entire class
  • Gain insight with district-level and school-level dashboards
  • Easily manage rostering in FluencyLink or with integrations, such as OneRoster, Google Classroom, and ClassLink
  • Provide SSO access through Google Classroom, ClassLink, and SAML SSO 
  • Integrate with Learning Management Systems (contact us to discuss available integrations)