Integrated Chinese 4E, Vol 1, ChengTsui Web App™

Integrated Chinese 4E, Vol 1, ChengTsui Web App™


To request a trial of Integrated Chinese 4th Edition on the ChengTsui Web App click here.

The new, 4th Edition of Integrated Chinese is available now on the ChengTsui Web App™*.

In addition to the printed books, you now have the option of accessing all the series’ components digitally, while being able to create classes —all through our Web App!

ChengTsui Web App

Available in three subscription-based digital editions, the ChengTsui Web App can be used as a standalone product or with the printed book for creative classroom applications:

Basic Edition features: Includes Textbook, streaming audio, video and additional interactive content

Essential Edition features: Includes Basic Edition plus grammar Workbook with automatic feedback and printable Character Workbook

Educator Edition features: Includes Essential Edition plus teaching strategies and editable tests and resources

*ChengTsui Web App is only available at Not available through reseller channels.

About the Series

Integrated Chinese (IC) is an acclaimed Mandarin Chinese language course that delivers a cohesive system of print and digital resources for highly effective teaching and learning. First published in 1997 and now in its new 4th Edition, it has become the leading Chinese language textbook series in the United States and beyond. Through its holistic focus on the language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, IC teaches students the skills they need to function effectively in Chinese.

Integrated Chinese is a four-volume series designed for two years of study at the college level. Each volume consists of Textbook, Workbook, Character Workbook, Teacher’s Resources, streaming audio and video components. Volumes 1 and 2 preserves the popular core of the 3rd edition while adding more communicative activities and up-to-date realia. In Volumes 3 and 4, changes were made to ensure a more gradual transition between each level.

The new 4th Edition of Integrated Chinese is now also available as a fully integrated digital course on the ChengTsui Web App™.