Reading Into a New China

Deciphering a Changing Society
New 2nd Edition
by Duanduan Li, Irene Liu

"The breathtaking pace of change in China is reflected in this substantial revision. There are more opportunities to apply nuanced analytical and communication strategies across an array of readings." - Prof. Duanduan Li

Reading into a New China is a best-selling and pedagogically innovative two-volume course designed to build advanced level reading and writing proficiency through deep comprehension of China’s rich and rapidly changing social and cultural landscape.

The 2nd Edition has been enhanced and the new full-core design has more photographs and graphics to engage the learner and enhance the learning experience. Core content and exercises are presented in combination to provide an integrated learning experience. Reading strategies and language acquisition is techniques are emphasized throughout the series; reading and vocabulary lists are now offered in both simplified and traditional characters, with audio. Word usage, sentence patterns, and grammar activities scaffold the development of writing skills. Discussion and presentation prompt debate topics, as well as group research projects, encourage speaking and writing about complex social issues.

Socially relevant themes reappear across the two volumes, allowing students to grow as learners as they engage more deeply with the nuances of the content. Reading into a New China also provides human-interest pieces about how rapid changes in China have affected the ways in which people find love and build families. Throughout the series, students also approach sophisticated topics such as China's population boom, the soaring price of real estate, changes in student life, issues in the workforce, and environmental concerns. 

An attractive, full-color magazine-style design allows students to immerse themselves in materials much like one would find in China today. Informative and eye-catching infographics and visuals are provided to give students more opportunities to engage with and comprehend the content.

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Finally someone has taken the time to put into practice a lot of the research on what we know helps learners read. Things like activating prior knowledge of a topic, skimming and scanning, reading for a purpose and much more….. buy this book and the second volume.

— Alexander McLeod posted on

Exceptionally well written and organized, Reading Into a New China is thoroughly 'student friendly' in its bilingual presentation. This core, advanced-level Chinese text is very highly recommended, especially for college and university Chinese language instructional collections.

— Margaret Lane, Midwest Book Review
About the Author(s)

Dr. Duanduan Li is Associate Professor of Chinese Applied Linguistics at the University of British Columbia. She is the former Director of the Chinese Language Programs in the Department of Asian Studies at UBC, Vancouver (2003-2012), and in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University, New York (2002-2003). 

Dr. Irene Liu was Director of the Chinese Language Program in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University, New York, for ten years.