Insight Taiwan: Sports

May 19, 2011

Transcribed from Cheng & Tsui’s YouTube channel …

"Hi everyone this is Cindy with Insight Taiwan, FIFA World Cup just ended and congratulations for the first title to Spain.  Speaking to sports, I'm going to introduce sports in Taiwan today.  Due to the geography constraints, basketball, table tennis and badminton are actually more approachable in Taiwan because they require relatively smaller space and fewer participants. However, the sport that most Taiwanese people have fondness for is baseball.

"In 1968, the victory of Red Leaves league against the elite team from Japan and the 4th successive championship of the Little League World Series grabbed a lot of attention and support from Taiwanese people to this sport.  And after 20 years of efforts the Chinese professional baseball league has just finally established.  So currently we have four teams competing against each other from March to October and they are all sponsored by private companies, and they use elephants, bulls, lions and bears as their mascots.

"As the sport industry advanced, a better Chinese system becomes a fundamentals indicator of outstanding performance and career suspend ability for talent since there's no such wealthy resources in Taiwan a trend that players have to work overseas occurs. For Example, Chien-Ming Wang, his success with the New York Yankees is the best example. Besides him, Yen-hsun Lu, who just reached to grand-slam quarter-finals in Wimbledon and Yani Tseng the former LPGA championship, they all told the world how Taiwanese players can play as great as other ones in the world. So I believe that with their experiences and well supplied resources we can definitely speed up the development of Taiwan sport industry to catch up to other countries in the future."

Cindy Su is an Asian Language Specialist with Cheng & Tsui Company.


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