September 5, 2014

Imagine there’s a Rabbit Hall of Fame. Who would you nominate? In the west, the rock star might be the bunny that brings kids decorated eggs on Easter Sunday-the Easter Bunny! However in East Asia, most votes may go to a rabbit that is also related to a traditional festival: the Moon Rabbit.

June 10, 2014

For a long time, sushi was a strange, alien concept to Americans, and many movies and TV shows from the 80s and 90s feature characters getting nauseous at the prospect of eating raw fish. But today, sushi restaurants have become an increasingly popular and commonplace feature of American cities.

October 9, 2013

What was the first Chinese movie you ever saw? Unless you’re over 108 years old, it probably wasn’t The Battle of Mt. Dingjun, the very first Chinese film made in 1905.

July 3, 2013

Today, people learning about a new culture may look to food, art, history, and language (which is what Cheng & Tsui is all about!). But what about the way a culture plays?

March 22, 2013
Ticket stub to Bob Marley & The Wailers performance in Japan.
March 13, 2013

日本語ロック論争, or the Japanese-language rock controversy, infused the post-Beatles G.S. world of Japan.

July 21, 2012