Setting the Stage for Chinese - Tips & Extras

Setting the Stage for Chinese Level 1 & 2 book coversMany students learn by doing, and with Setting the Stage for Chinese, students of all ages will be singing, shouting and laughing as they learn Chinese. By combining language learning with theater performance, this innovative new series of bilingual plays introduces students to Chinese language and culture as they read each story and perform their roles on stage. Setting the Stage for Chinese offers two levels, providing plays suitable for beginning, intermediate and advanced students in grades K-12.

Tips and Extras for Setting the Stage for Chinese

Level 1 Tips & Extras (PDF)

Level 2

  1. Moon Story Ideas for Performance (PDF)
  2. Five Brothers Ideas for Performance (PDF)
  3. Lantern Festival Ideas for Performance (PDF)
  4. ​​​​​​Cang Jie Ideas for Performance (PDF)
  5. Dragon Boat Festival Ideas for Performance (PDF)
  6. Cowherd & Weaver Girl Ideas for Performance (PDF)