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Sogang Korean
Second Edition

by Sogang University Korean Language Institute

This newly released second edition of Sogang Korean has been revised based on feedback from the field and provides a comprehensive approach to Korean communication. The format allows the learner to select and focus on any of the four language skills... Read More »
In the Series:
A New Insight by a Native Anthropologist Come Home

by Choong Soon Kim

What has allowed South Korea to leap forward economically in so short a period of time? How have Koreans succeeded in building large automobile plants abroad, constructing the Great Man-Made River in Libya and making the world's most wired nation at... Read More »
Korean for Non-Native Speakers
Second Edition
This workbook is ideal for honing communication skills in Korean. Students can use this book to review lessons at home and practice the speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills taught in the textbook. Games or culture capsules appear at the... Read More »