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A Classical Chinese Reader
1st Edition

by Gregory Chiang

This is a one-year subscription to the e-book version of the Language of the Dragon Volume 2 Textbook. An Internet connection is required to access this title. The Language of the Dragon Volume 2 Textbook builds on the material learned in Volume 1... Read More »
A Guide to the 2000 Most Frequently Used Characters

edited by Wang Huidi

For non-native speakers of Chinese, learning to write characters correctly is often a major stumbling block to mastery of the language. This pocket-sized guide to the core 2,000 characters provides the easiest road to success in written Chinese.... Read More »

compiled by Andrew C. Chang

Comprehensive and current, this lexicon is the first specifically designed to serve the needs of English speakers doing business in and with China and other Mandarin-speaking areas. It combines practicality and ease of use in addressing a wide range... Read More »