China Since 1644

China Since 1644

A History Through Primary Sources
by Inc. Curriculum Specialists at Primary Source

China Since 1644: A History Through Primary Sources

Written by teachers for use with their students, China Since 1644 explores China's captivating history from the seventeenth century to the present through a wealth of compelling primary sources, including imperial edicts, letters, short stories, essays, propaganda posters, maps, photographs, political cartoons and more.

The abundant content combines engrossing historical narratives with student-focused activities that foster analytical thinking, hone verbal and critical thinking skills, and ask students to consider history as a complicated, messy, and fascinating subject. The convenient companion website is an ideal reference tool and houses hundreds of primary source materials that support the literacy component of the Common Core State Standards for ELA and Literacy in History/Social Studies by providing a multitude of rich informational texts for analysis.

China Since 1644 is the updated and retitled second edition of China in the World and serves as a perfect companion to standard world history texts and courses in world literature. It is also ideal for courses on East Asian Studies, the history of China, or Chinese language and culture at the high school and college levels. The emphasis on document analysis makes it an especially valuable resource for AP* and IB courses.

For invaluable online learning and the opportunity to obtain this book free with registration, don’t miss Changing China: History and Culture Since 1644. Recommended for educators in grades 6-12, this course explores the dramatic transformation of China over the past 350 years. Through the materials in China Since 1644 as well as expert scholars, videos and web-based resources, teachers will gain a better understanding of what students should know about this economic and cultural powerhouse.

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Table of Contents

Unit 1: A Sense of Place and People 
Chapter 1: China's Geography and Political Divisions 
Chapter 2: An Introduction to Sixteenth-Century China 
Chapter 3: Three Manchu Emperors 
Unit 2: The Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) 
Chapter 4: China's Foreign Relations (1644-1839) 
Chapter 5: Nineteenth-Century Strife 
Chapter 6: Exploring Solutions (1861-1894) 
Chapter 7: The End of Imperial Rule 
Unit 3: Struggles to Create a Unified China (1911-1949) 
Chapter 8: The Early Republican (1912-1916) and Warlord (1916-1928) Periods 
Chapter 9: United Fronts: The Guomindang vs. the Communists (1921-1937) 
Chapter 10: Challenges to Tradition in the Early Republic 
Chapter 11: China--Occupied and Splintered (1937-1945) 
Chapter 12: War Continues (1945-1949) 
Unit 4: The People's Republic of China (1949-2000) 
Chapter 13: The Early Years of the People's Republic 
Chapter 14: The Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) 
Chapter 15: Overtures Between East and West 
Chapter 16: Socialism with Chinese Characteristics 
Unit 5: Contemporary China 
Chapter 17: China Steps Back onto the World Stage 
Chapter 18: The Consequences of Modernization 
Chapter 19: Growing Up in China 
Chapter 20: The Challenges Ahead 

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