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Primary Source Lessons for Teachers and Students
1st Edition

by Primary Source Inc.

This is a 2-year subscription to the eBook version of The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China. An Internet connection is required to access this title. The CD-ROM materials are available as a free download here. Both an illustrated teacher's guide and... Read More »
A History Through Primary Sources
2nd Edition

by the Curriculum Specialists at Primary Source, Inc.

China Since 1644, the updated and retitled 2nd Edition of China in the World, explores China's captivating history from the seventeenth century to the present through hundreds of compelling primary sources--imperial edicts, letters, short stories,... Read More »

by Raymond Dawson

A scholarly but readable introduction to China's philosophical and intellectual traditions, The Legacy of China offers a classic survey of essays by eminent scholars such as Joseph Needham, A. C. Graham, Michael Sullivan, and Patrick Hanan.... Read More »