Reading into a New China

Integrated Skills for Advanced Chinese
by Duanduan Li, Irene Liu

Get to the heart of contemporary China with the newest version of A New Text for Modern China! The perfect series to build both reading proficiency and cultural knowledge, Reading into a New China features greatly expanded exercises, enhanced instruction in reading and writing skills, new vocabulary-building strategies, and coverage of the exciting changes taking place in twenty-first-century China. Each lesson includes an essay on a contemporary issue with examples of word usage and sentence patterns explained in English.

Reading into a New China’s lessons address issues such as the Internet, the environment, and divorce in China. The text emphasizes proper language usage and grammar, and practice exercises focus on effective reading and writing strategies. Activities focus on building effective reading strategies and introduce the nuances of Chinese essay writing. The text includes HSK vocabulary level rankings, as well as appendices of readings and vocabulary lists. Purchase of the combined textbook and workbook include free access to audio downloads.



Finally someone has taken the time to put into practice a lot of the research on what we know helps learners read. Things like activating prior knowledge of a topic, skimming and scanning, reading for a purpose and much more….. buy this book and the second volume.

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