A New Text for a Modern China

by Irene Liu, Li Xiaoqi

Publisher's Note: an updated edition of this popular textbook with more exercises, expanded practices, and new essays is available. See Reading into a New China for details and samples. 


The A New Text For a Modern China series innovatively combines elements from a language textbook with an up-to-date cultural reader.

Designed for intermediate-level learners, the series uses current newspaper and magazine articles to present students with a contemporary view of China and daily Chinese practice. Lists of new vocabulary, stock phrases, audio material, and workbook exercises enhance students’ understanding of the article and their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. This book is in both traditional and simplified characters, with vocabulary and pattern examples in pinyin.

This text is a new and updated version of A Chinese Text for a Changing China. All of the strengths of the former text have been preserved in this update, but the content has been revised and freshened to reflect the most recent developments in Chinese society and language.

(Please note: This text and the Peking University Press text of the same title are quite different in both content and presentation. The Peking University Press text is written completely in Chinese except for its vocabulary lists, while the Cheng & Tsui book’s content, carefully and independently revised by Prof. Irene Liu, provides grammatical explanations and exercises in English for the student.

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