Installing the Japanese IME in Windows XP

  1. Open the Control Panel, then click "Date, Time, Language and Regional Options"
  2. Select "Add other languages"
  3. Click on the "Install files for East Asian Languages" check box to ensure that the correct fonts are installed
  4. In the "Text Services and Input Languages" box, click the "Details" button
  5. Click the "Add..." button
  6. In
    the "Input language:" drop-down menu, choose "Japanese", and in the
    "Keyboard layout/IME:" drop-down menu, choose "Microsoft IME Standard
    2002 ver. 8.1"
  7. Click "OK" there, and then click "OK" on the "Text Services and Input Languages" window that is left.
  8. You
    may be asked to put your Windows XP CD-ROM in the CD drive so that the
    relevant files can be copied across to your hard drive
  9. Reboot.
  10. You should now see the IME icon in your task bar. Japanese will be an option when you click on it.