Installing the Japanese IME in Windows 2000

  1. Open the Control Panel, and then click the "Keyboard" icon.
  2. Select the "Input Locales" tab
  3. Click the "Add..." button
  4. In
    the box that pops up, choose "Japanese" from the "Input locale:"
    drop-down menu, and "Japanese Input System (MS-IME 2000)" from the
    "Keyboard layout/IME" drop-down menu. Click "OK".
  5. Click "OK"
    in the "Keyboard Properties" window that is open, and then reboot your
    system (you may be asked to insert your Windows 2000 install CD-ROM in
    the CD drive so that the relevant files can be copied across to your
    hard drive
  6. After rebooting you should (if you don't already)
    see the IME icon in your task bar. Japanese will be an option in the
    list found by clicking the icon.