How do I activate the Integrated Chinese Digital Bookbag (Email)?

This step-by-step video instruction is for people who have received their Digital Bookbag key by email.

Advice for using Digital Bookbag on iPad:

  • Make sure to view the book in single-page mode/portrait orientation. Double-page in a landscape orientation will be too small to be legible.
  • Pinch to zoom works, but not very well. It’s best to view the full page.
  • When moving from page to page, expect to see what appear to be blank pages. The pages need to load, so please wait a few seconds for the page to appear.
  • The highlight function works, but occasionally jumps to the previous page. In order to highlight on the current page, make sure to scroll down enough so the top of the page is offscreen.
  • Our audio files are not optimized for listening within a browser. In order to listen to the audio on your iPad, you should download the files through a computer, add them to your iTunes library, then sync your iPad to your iTunes library. The audio will then be available through the iPad’s iTunes app.

*Please note that all subscriptions to the online version of the workbook will deactivate in December 2019 when Quia discontinues service. For both long-time users of the Digital Bookbag and those interested in using a digital version of Integrated Chinese, we strongly recommend the 4th Edition of Integrated Chinese on the new ChengTsui Web App™, which includes all of the series’ components. You can sign up for a trial of Integrated Chinese on the Web App here.