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What are the major differences in the new edition?

For your convenience, we have created an Adventures in Japanese 4th Edition Sampler that covers the updates to the series in greater depth. You can download a PDF copy of the sampler here.


  • New full-color design with up-to-date photos and content
    • Easier to read and to navigate
    • More photos bring Japanese culture to life
    • Updated vocabulary reflects changes in technology and in Japanese society
  • More exercises and activities
    • New grammar exercises have been added for each grammar point
    • New authentic materials provide students with real-world reading practice
    • New Common Core activities are included in the Culture Notes
    • New 21st Century Skills activities ask students to extend their learning with technology
    • Students use Japanese in new Connect activities to practice in other career-based disciplines
  • Improved pacing
    • Now with 8-12 lessons per volume, making Adventures in Japanese easier to complete in one year
    • New introductory lesson in Volume 1 allows teachers to flexibly introduce hiragana, katakana, kanji, and pronunciation
  • Can Do statements and self-assessment checklists have been added to each lesson
  • Introduction of 60 additional kanji
  • Free audio recordings for Vocabulary, Language in Context, Grammar models, review questions, audio activities, and Culture Notes by native speakers from Tokyo
  • Recycling of key grammar structures and vocabulary


  • Regular workbook exercises and hiragana, katakana, and kanji writing exercises now combined into one workbook
  • Additional listening practice
  • Now with character reading practice in both horizontal and vertical forms

Teacher’s Guide to Go

  • All teacher materials available as convenient digital files (Vol. 1-2 on USB flash drive, Vol. 3 available as digital download)
  • Tons more support for teachers! Pacing Guides, lesson organizers, standards correlations, professional development articles, and more available at

Companion Website

  • New companion website at hosts all student resources and some teacher resources

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