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The Origins of 670 Essential Words
Second Edition

by Jianhsin Wu
Illustrated by Chen Zheng, Chen Tian

Enrich character study with cultural insight and linguistic context The Way of Chinese Characters: The Origins of 670 Essential Words offers a holistic approach to character learning. Firmly grounded in etymological research, it introduces each... Read More »

Peter Chang, Alice Mackerras et al.

Developed in Australia, Hanyu (meaning “Chinese Language”) is a series of course materials in modern standard Chinese designed for secondary schools. This widely used and much-revised course takes a communicative approach, integrating listening,... Read More »
In the Series:

Liang Shih-chiu

This newly expanded version of A New Practical Chinese-English Dictionary contains 120,000 entries arranged by radical and includes and index by pinyin. It is intended as a useful tool for readers seeking general, but not encyclopedic, information.... Read More »
In the Series:

The popular Xinhua Dictionary contains more than 10,000 commonly used Chinese characters and more than 3,500 phrases. It is a must-have for native Chinese speakers and non-native speakers who have learned Chinese. Arranged by pinyin, the dictionary... Read More »
A Chinese-English English-Chinese Usage Guide

compiled by Jiqing Fang, Michael Connelly

Now in ebook format! A herd of geese, or a flock? A stick of gum, or a tablet? A jug of wine, or a glass? Just as English nouns often need classifiers, so do Chinese nouns require the correct “measure word.” Ready access to the hundreds of varying... Read More »

Fourth Revised Edition
Authoritative and up-to-date, this fourth edition of the Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary covers over 90,000 words and phrases, and over 130,000 translations of contemporary Chinese and English, with hundreds of brand-new words added to both... Read More »

by Peter Chang, Alyce Mackerras, Yu Hsiu-Ching

This comprehensive dictionary contains all of the characters that are taught throughout the Hanyu series. For reader convenience, it is searchable by radical or pinyin.

compiled by Andrew C. Chang

Comprehensive and current, this lexicon is the first specifically designed to serve the needs of English speakers doing business in and with China and other Mandarin-speaking areas. It combines practicality and ease of use in addressing a wide range... Read More »

Compiled by et al. Wu Zhaoyi

This convenient and easy-to-use dictionary includes about 10,000 entries and introduces commonly used English and Chinese words, phrases, and expressions. Different usages of words are explained in both English and Chinese. All Chinese characters... Read More »
(Chinese Character Instruction and Computer Technology)
This innovative professional resource starts from the premise that modern students possess sophisticated skills in word processing, e-mail exchange, and other computer-based activities. This useful volume shows teachers how to take advantage of... Read More »

This revised and expanded version of A New Practical Chinese-English Dictionary contains 120,000 entries arranged by radical and includes a pinyin index. It is a useful tool for readers seeking detailed, but not encyclopedic, information.... Read More »
A Guide to the 2000 Most Frequently Used Characters

edited by Wang Huidi

For non-native speakers of Chinese, learning to write characters correctly is often a major stumbling block to mastery of the language. This pocket-sized guide to the core 2,000 characters provides the easiest road to success in written Chinese.... Read More »

With the increasing commercial, cultural, athletic and tourist interaction between the United States and Chinese-speaking Asia, this glossary serves the need for an easy explanation of legal terms and procedures with an accurate and authoritative... Read More »
A Cheng & Tsui Bilingual Handbook of Contemporary Colloquial Expressions

Compiled by Yu Feng, Yaohua Shi, Zhijie Jia, Judith M. Amory, Jie Cai

Pop Chinese is a unique bilingual handbook to help both native and non-native speakers of Chinese decipher the many new expressions popping up now in present-day China. It contains 1,200 colloquial idioms and phrases popular in China today, with... Read More »