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This set of four audio CDs helps to strengthen students' listening and speaking skills, and contains the dialogues and listening comprehension sections that correspond to the Volume 3 Textbook. This set is also available in an audio cassette format.

This set of three audio CDs is an interactive learning tool to be used in or out of class, and provides essential listening exercises for the Volume 3 Workbook. The exercises focus on phonetics and pronunciation to improve students’ listening and... Read More »

by Margaret Lee, Yuka Ito

The Tsumiki 1 Audio CDs cover dialogues from the student book, as well as the dialogues required for the listening activities in the workbook. All tracks are professionally recorded by native speakers, using normal and slow speeds.

The Obento Senior Audio CD contains reading passages from the Student Book, listening material from the Workbook, and listening tests from the Teachers’ Resource Book.

The Mirai Stage 1 Audio CD contains the audio material for the Stage 1 Course Book, Activity Book, and Teacher’s Book. This single CD contains audio recordings of the cartoons, manga, and listening activities in the Course Book; audio material for... Read More »