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1st Edition

by Hiromi Peterson, Naomi Hirano-Omizo, Junko Ady

Dekiru! An AP® Japanese Preparation Course is your complete guide to reaching a higher level of Japanese proficiency and acing the AP® Japanese Language and Culture exam. Dekiru! is ideal for students who have studied the equivalent of three to four... Read More »

2nd Edition
The Genki Teacher's Manual provides teachers with information on how to use Genki in the classroom, including ideas for exercises related to the textbook and workbook content. The Answer Booklet includes the answers for all textbook and workbook... Read More »

2nd Edition
The 2nd Edition Genki Answer Key provides the answers to all of the exercises in the Textbooks and Workbooks in both Levels 1 and 2, as well as a transcription of the recordings for the listening comprehension in the workbooks.

by Seiichi Makino, Michio Tsutsui

An indispensable reference tool for beginning-level students of Japanese, A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar offers a new approach to the interpretation of Japanese grammar and provides a convenient dictionary of grammar-related expressions. The... Read More »