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Connecting with China
Join four teens from Hangzhou, China—Doudou, Weicheng, Gangzheng, and Qianyun—and gain insight into Chinese daily life. China is in the news every day, but not in a way that gives Westerners a true sense of the different facets of Chinese people's... Read More »

by Tao-chung Yao
by Scott McGinnis

Add some fun to Chinese language learning! Let's Play Games in Chinese allows students to become more comfortable and confident as they use Chinese. This edition, with new drawings throughout, features dozens of games--from Simon Says to Visual... Read More »

Produced by University of Vermont The Center for Asian Studies

Created by the Center for Asian Studies at the University of Vermont in collaboration with Mamopilare, Inc., Feilong combines the structure of Trivial Pursuit with a decidedly nontrivial goal: increasing players' awareness of China's culture,... Read More »