Tangled Hair

Selected Tanka from Midaregami
by Akiko Yosano
Translated by Sanford Goldstein, Seishi Shinoda

First published in 1901, Akiko Yosano’s Tangled Hair had a sensational impact on Japanese literature, reshaping the tanka into a modern poetic form. In this revised edition, her poems appear in their original Japanese, in romanized transliterations, and in English translation. Sanford Goldstein’s graceful translation allows today’s reader to experience and appreciate the power of Yosano’s work.

Available in print or e-book format.

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About the Author(s)

Akiko Yosano was a poet who was active in Japan at the turn of the nineteenth century. Yosano's work was instrumental in revitalizing the tanka format and giving it new life as a modern form of poetry. 

Sanford Goldstein is a professor emeritus as Purdue University and Keiwa College in Japan. 

Seishi Shinoda previously served as the Chairman of the Department of English at Niigata University in Japan.