Obento Snack Pack

by Sue Xouris

By the author of the popular Obento series, Obento Snack Pack uses games, crafts, songs, cartoons, and interactive CD-ROMs to provide an appealing introduction to Japanese reading, writing, speaking, listening, and culture. Each lesson can be used as a stand-alone 'taster' lesson for weekend or after-school classes, or as supplementary material in a regular language class.

  • Lesson-based resources for one semester or \one year of introductory or supplementary Japanese language courses
  • An engaging multimedia presentation that links interactively with the Activity Book
  • A variety of engaging, relevant, and fun activities for both students and teachers
  • Flexible lessons can be taught in any order to support the needs of your course
  • Presents contemporary Japanese culture and customs along with linguistic content
  • Affordable materials for supplemental or after-school use


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