by Meg Evans, Yoko Masano, Setsuko Taniguchi, Miwa Groves-Moriwaki, Ikuo Kawakami

Mirai is a six-stage, full-color, user-friendly course, with a fun and engaging approach to the Japanese language that appeals to students and teachers alike.

The approach is communicative, with an emphasis on natural language. Mirai features clear explanations of language structures, idiomatic expressions and appropriate language use. Authentic photos and maps are presented in context so that students gain an appreciation of Japanese language and culture. Throughout the series, students follow the daily adventures of various cartoon characters, two real-life teenagers living in Japan, and even a pop band.

Perfect for grades 6-12, each stage of Mirai includes a Course Book, Activity Book, Teacher’s Book, and audio CDs or cassettes. The 2nd Edition of Stages 5 and 6 includes a greater range and diversity of exercises, rerecorded audio CDs, revised topics to align with learning goals, and an expanded Teacher’s Book.

In this Series

  • Systematic instruction for semester or year-long courses
  • Directions and explanations use a balance of English and Japanese to help students tackle activities with confidence
  • Unique use of color overlay in Mirai Stage 1 encourages students to read hiragana even when romaji is provided; Stages 2-6 are written in hiragana without romaji
  • Learning Outcomes at the beginning of each chapter help to focus lessons
  • A wide range of activities to cater for the mixed-ability classroom
  • Cartoon-style storyboards in each unit explore themes interesting to young students