Li Bai & Du Fu

An Advanced Reader of Chinese Language and Literature
by Zu-yan Chen, Hong Zhang

"不学诗, 无以言: If you do not study poetry, you will have no words."

Returning to a Chinese tradition that locates poetry at the heart of education, Li Bai & Du Fu: An Advanced Reader of Chinese Language and Literature offers an innovative approach to studying the writings of China’s most revered classical poets.

In this volume, Tang poetry expert Zu-yan Chen has artfully compiled and annotated twenty-six poems of Li and Du in their original, classical Chinese. Organized by poet and by themes such as “Moon Poetry,” “Wine Drinking Poetry,” and “War Poetry,” each poem is accompanied by a short essay of analysis and appreciation in contemporary Chinese, which discusses the poem’s linguistic, historical, literary, and philosophical aspects. Together these poems and essays encourage students to assimilate the subtleties of both contemporary and classical Chinese language. A beautifully arranged audio companion, performed by master voice artist Hong Zhang, brings the twenty-six poems to life. Combined with biographical and historical background in both Chinese and English, exercises in translation and comprehension, and indexed vocabulary, Li Bai & Du Fu is a welcome and enduring addition to any advanced Chinese literature or language classroom. Available in both traditional and simplified characters.

About the Author(s)

Zu-yan Chen is a Distinguished Teaching Professor and Director of the Confucius Institute for Chinese Opera at Binghamton University.