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Language of the Dragon

A Classical Chinese Reader
by Gregory Chiang

Like the language it was designed to teach, Language of the Dragon has stood the test of time as an invaluable primer for students of classical Chinese. Extensively field-tested at universities throughout the United States, the two-volume series was developed not for office-bound scholars, but advanced Chinese language students seeking to strengthen their grasp of modern Mandarin through the study of classical Chinese. 

Using excerpts of famous texts from the Spring and Autumn, Warring States, Qin, and early Han periods, the two-volume series offers a clear and systematic analysis of classical Chinese grammar. Accurate and exacting explanations of vocabulary and grammar are given in both modern Mandarin and English, inviting learners to make connections between contemporary and classical Chinese. Writing exercises at the end of each lesson solidify classical Chinese grammar patterns in students’ minds by providing additional composition, translation, and punctuation practice.

While Language of the Dragon can be taught in English, the series was designed to be taught in Chinese, and three years’ experience in modern Mandarin Chinese is assumed. Language of the Dragon is especially effective when paired with Classical Chinese: A Functional Approach.


The most imaginatively conceived and adroitly crafted textbook of classical Chinese that I have encountered.

— Professor David B. Honey, Brigham Young University
About the Author(s)

Gregory Kuei-Ke Chiang was the co-founder of the Middlebury College Chinese Department and a member of the department's faculty from 1976 until 1999. At Middlebury he served as Professor in Charge of the Middlebury Chinese School, Dean of the Oriental Schools, Dean of the Chinese School, and Chinese Adviser to the Language Schools. For many years Professor Chiang taught Classical Chinese in the Chinese School and the Chinese Department's upper level courses.