Go Far with Chinese

1st Edition


Level 1A

  • Print: Available Now
  • Web App: August 2020

Level 1B

  • Print: August 2020
  • Web App: January 2021

Level 1

  • Print: July 2020
  • Web App: January 2021

Level 2

  • Print: March 2021
  • Web App: TBD

Level 3

  • Print: August 2021
  • Web App: TBD

For an in-depth look at the series, download a free copy of the Go Far with Chinese sampler here!

Go Far with Chinese is an innovative, proficiency-based Chinese language program for middle school and high school students. Created to fill a gap in existing Chinese language learning materials, the three-level series was created with the specific needs and interests of teenage language learners in mind, while providing the articulation to college-level programs that teachers seek.

Students follow Isabella and Martin Lopez, two American teenagers whose mother receives a work assignment in Beijing. Each chapter brings a new episode in the lives of the Lopezes, allowing students to experience the excitement and challenges of adapting to life in China. Engaging cultural features jam-packed with up-to-date information help students connect with the lives of young people in China.

Go Far with Chinese is designed to articulate with the internationally acclaimed Integrated Chinese series, while offering pacing and content tailored to the secondary school level. Emphasis is given to careful vocabulary control and contextual grammar instruction, and the series’ robust support for teachers helps them create an effective, enjoyable, and flexible learning experience for students.

In this Series

  • Contextual grammar instruction
  • Careful vocabulary control
  • Fully aligned to the ACTFL 5Cs and Guiding Principles for
    Language Learning
  • Emphasis on real-world communication and meaningful
    tasks and activities
  • Eye-catching, entertaining comic stories at the end of every Chapter
  • Authentic materials and compelling cultural features about
    life in China
  • Proficiency-based assessment and robust teacher support
  • Seamlessly articulates with Integrated Chinese Volumes 3-4
About the Author(s)

Go Far with Chinese was developed by the curriculum development team at Cheng & Tsui with contributions from expert middle school and high school teachers from across the country, including Senior Curriculum Adviser Ying Jin and Lead Instructional Contributors Cilei Han, Zoey Liu, Diane Neubauer, and Erica Pollard.