Close the Deal

Advanced Chinese for Creative and Productive Business
by Yu Feng, Xiaoxue Dai, Miranda Chen-Cristoforo

Students often cite the desire to do business in China as a motivating force for learning Chinese, and Close the Deal is an optimal choice for advanced learners preparing to make that dream a reality. This taskbased curriculum combines language and business learning with real-world projects like comparing interview candidates, settling contract disputes, interpreting financial reports, and more. Dialogues, written documents, role-plays, and composition exercises in every lesson ensure students strengthen all four macro skills.

In addition, Close the Deal provides essential cultural information to help students be more persuasive in business settings. A special appendix features an extensive list of additional expressions to help learners master different levels of social formality and know exactly what to say in various business contexts. An audio CD is included to supplement the text, and a companion website offers suggestions for additional reading and some English translations.