Cheng & Tsui Superstar Karaoke Contest: Celebrating 40 Years

Contest Introduction

In order to celebrate our 40th anniversary with all of you, Cheng & Tsui is bringing back our beloved Superstar Karaoke Contest! First developed in Japan in the 1970s (just a few years before Cheng & Tsui was founded!), karaoke remains wildly popular in Asia and around the globe. This year, for the first time, we are expanding the contest by welcoming entries from all of the Asian language groups we serve--Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic!

Have fun with your language skills and win big for your school! Using your language skills, film a karaoke music video to a song of your choice. Five finalists will be chosen for public voting, so family, friends, and classmates can get in on the act too! The top three videos will win money and prizes to benefit your language class. Video submissions are due April 17, 2020, so warm those pipes up, get filming, and have fun!

For more information about the contest, please consult the FAQ below.

  • How does the contest work?

    Starting February 11, 2020, contestants can begin submitting their videos through the Video Submission Form. Videos must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST on April 17, 2020. For detailed instructions, see How do I enter? below.

    Judges selected by Cheng & Tsui will select the top five finalists based on the quality and creativity of the videos and the language performance of the contestants. The finalists will be announced on April 24.

    From April 24 through April 30, the public can vote for their favorite video on our website. The top three videos with the most votes will take home prizes, so be sure to share with family, friends, and classmates. The 2020 Cheng & Tsui Superstars will be announced on this site on May 1!

  • Important Dates

    • February 11: Video submissions open
    • April 17: Deadline for video submissions
    • April 24: Top 5 finalists announced
    • April 24-30: Public voting
    • May 1: Winner announced

  • Who is eligible to enter?

    To participate in the Cheng & Tsui Superstar Karaoke Contest, you must be:

    • 13 years old or older
    • currently enrolled in a Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Arabic language course

    You can only submit one entry, either as an individual or as part of a group. There is no limit to the number of participants in a group. There is a maximum of two entries from the same class. If many video submissions are expected, your language teacher should set up an internal selection process to decide upon the two entries from the class.

    Non-language students, including contestants’ family and friends, can participate in the contest during the public voting stage. For more information on the voting process, see How do I vote? below.


  • What types of songs are eligible for submission?

    All genres of music are allowed. You can perform a song of your choice as long as:

    • The lyrics are in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Arabic.
    • The voices heard belong to you or your group members; if you are covering a song, you must use a track with the original artist’s vocals removed.
    • The video is an original creation by you or your group.

    If you want to translate an English song, go right ahead! Just remember to have your language teacher proofread the lyrics before you record. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even submit an original song with lyrics in the language you are studying!

    Videos with inappropriate content (language, gestures, or subject matter) are not allowed and will be disqualified at the judges’ discretion.

  • How do I enter?

    1. Record an awesome karaoke performance by yourself or with classmates. If you want, add subtitles!

    2. Read and agree to the terms and conditions of this contest and sign a release waiver. If you and/or your group members are under the age of 18, you must have your parents sign on your behalf.

    3. Upload your video to Youtube. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

    4. Fill out the Video Submission Form. You and your language teacher will both receive a copy of your entry details.

    Your submission must include:

    • Your name
    • The names of your group members (if applicable)
    • Grade level
    • Your language teacher’s name
    • Your language teacher’s email
    • School name
    • City/Town
    • State
    • Language of study
    • Language proficiency level
    • Video title
    • A link to your video on Youtube
    • Title and artist of the original song
    • The song lyrics
    • Parental consent forms electronically signed by all group members' parents (if under the age of 18)

    You must submit your video by 11:59 PM EST, April 17, 2020 in order to be considered. No late submissions will be accepted.

    If you are chosen as one of our finalists, we will notify you and your language teacher by email before April 24, 2020 (and announce it here).

  • What are the criteria for judging submissions?

    The judges will be looking for:

    •Language performance (based on your declared language proficiency level; if you’re a beginning language student, that means you will be judged against other beginners, not intermediate and advanced students!)

    Notice that singing ability is not one of the criteria! So if you can’t carry a tune, don’t be shy.

    Subtitles are encouraged, but not required. Contestants will not be penalized for not having subtitles, but must include the full lyrics separately as part of their submission.

  • Who are the judges?

    Our committee of judges is made up of in-house language specialists here at Cheng & Tsui. They will evaluate all submissions and choose five finalists to advance to the public voting stage of the contest.

  • How do I vote?

    After the five finalists are announced on our website and social media channels, you will be able to cast your vote for your favorite video on our website. You will need a valid email address to vote. The contest works best when you view all five finalists in their entirety and vote for the one with the best overall performance. You only get one vote, so choose carefully!

    Public voting will begin on April 24 and runs through April 30. For contest updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to our email list.

  • What are the prizes for winners?

    Grand Prize: The finalist with the most votes will win $500 in cash for their language class. This money is intended to enhance the language curriculum through a cultural event, field trip, or meaningful investment of your choosing. For programs wishing to invest in language learning materials offered on Cheng & Tsui’s website, this cash prize may be exchanged for a $750 Cheng & Tsui gift certificate.

    Second Place: The second place finalist will win a $250 Cheng & Tsui gift certificate for their language program.

    Third Place: The third place finalist will win a $100 Cheng & Tsui gift certificate for their language program.