Teaching Basic Chinese Grammar (w/ Online Exercise Bank)

Teaching Basic Chinese Grammar (w/ Online Exercise Bank)

Communicative Strategies and Activities
1st Edition
Editor-in-Chief Tong Chen
Edited by Min Wan, Mairead Harris, Yuqi Gao, Lijuan Guo

Far more than a grammar dictionary, Teaching Basic Chinese Grammar distills the knowledge and expertise of active, seasoned instructors from the Middlebury College Summer Chinese School. This handbook supplies teachers with classroom-tested instructional strategies and activities to help students comprehend, internalize, and effectively use Chinese grammar patterns to communicate early and often. Clear, concise English explanations of more than 140 fundamental Chinese grammar points are supplemented by sample sentences and analyses of common student errors. Comprehensible input scripts help teachers guide students through repeated, contextualized practice of new grammar before they progress to open-ended communicative activities and practice exercises. 

The print handbook is supplemented by an extensive online bank (400+) of sample exercises with full-color images for teachers to use as practice. The sample exercises are included in the purchase of a print handbook, and are available as fully customizable Microsoft Word documents.

Teaching Basic Chinese Grammar follows the scope and sequence of Integrated Chinese Volumes 1 and 2, but the careful attention paid to maintaining a level-appropriate challenge for all novice learners makes this handbook a helpful reference in any beginning Chinese class.



Cheng & Tsui
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8.5" x 11"
B/W illustrations
Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Greetings
Lesson 2: Family
Lesson 3: Date and Time 
Lesson 4: Hobbies 
Lesson 5: Visiting Friends
Lesson 6: Making Appointments
Lesson 7: Studying Chinese
Lesson 8: School Life
Lesson 9: Shopping
Lesson 10: Transportation
Lesson 11: Weather
Lesson 12: Dining
Lesson 13: Asking Directions
Lesson 14: Birthday Party
Lesson 15: Seeing a Doctor
Lesson 16: Dating
Lesson 17: Renting an Apartment
Lesson 18: Sports
Lesson 19: Travel
Lesson 20: At the Airport