What do "Ind" and "Lab" stand for? What is the difference between the Language Lab (Lab) and Individual (Ind) versions?

"Ind" and "Lab" refer to "Individual" and "Language Lab" versions of our software and audio items.

Cheng & Tsui offers both Language Lab (Lab) and Individual (Ind) versions of our software and audio learning materials. Lab versions are specifically for use in a language laboratory or classroom setting, and include a site license. Teachers may offer the lab version to multiple students in a language lab, or in the classroom. Individual versions of software and audio learning materials are for individual use only and duplication is prohibited. There is no difference in the material for Individual and Language Lab versions.

The fee for the site license covers development costs of materials and software, which means that those costs are kept separate from the costs of the printed textbooks. This enables us to keep textbooks as affordable as possible for all of our institutional customers, whether or not they use a site license.

Site licenses never expire, and upgrades are available at a significant discount.