How can I request permission to reprint material from one of your books?

Please send your request in writing to Cheng & Tsui and include the following information:

  • The title, author, and page numbers of the publication for which you are requesting reprinting permission.
  • A copy of the pages from the book and/or article and a copy of the excerpt of the specific material you wish to reprint.
  • If the reprint is for a book you are working on, please include the authors, publisher, expected date of publication, approximate length, type of book (textbook, trade book, etc.), the expected selling price, and expected first print run of the book.
  • If the reprint is for an article you are working on, please include the authors, journal title, anticipated date of publication of the article.
  • The type of rights you are requesting: English/all languages, world/North America.

Please send via regular mail or email to:
Cheng & Tsui Company
Attn: Permissions
25 West Street
Boston, MA 02111