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Integrated Skills for Advanced Chinese
Continue investigating contemporary China with Reading into a New China, Volume 2! The third incarnation of the intermediate-level reader formerly known as A New Text for a Modern China has been remodeled into a two-volume, fully integrated, multi-... Read More »

Japanese Graded Readers Level 4 Volume 2 is designed for students with a proficiency level equivalent to JLPT Level N3~N2. Each story in this boxed set of 5 covers approximately 1300 vocabulary words and ranges in length from 5000-10000 characters.... Read More »

by Seiichi Makino, Michio Tsutsui

This third volume in the widely acclaimed, best-selling Japanese grammar dictionary series introduces students to advanced-level Japanese grammar. The book offers approximately 230 key grammar items with extensive explanations in both English and... Read More »
Communicative Chinese for Intermediate and Advanced Learners
Beyond the Basics takes intermediate and advanced-level students of Chinese to new heights of interpersonal communication. The updated second edition textbook with free audio downloads takes a communicative approach to contemporary and thought-... Read More »
An Advanced Reader of Chinese Language and Literature

Recorded by Hong Zhang

This beautifully arranged audio companion brings to life the twenty-six poems included in Zu-yan Chen’s annotated anthology, Li Bai & Du Fu: An Advanced Reader of Chinese Language and Literature. Hong Zhang, a master of voice performance, sets... Read More »
Lessons in Chinese Commerce for the New Millennium
Open for Business, Volume 2 is a combined textbook & exercise book that builds upon Volume 1 and is structured in the same general format. However, Volume 2's thirteen lessons change focus to cover macro-economic topics such as Chinese... Read More »

The Adventures in Japanese, Volume 4 Teacher’s Handbook offers teachers additional course materials and resources for the Volume 4 textbook, workbook, and audio CDs. The handbook provides teachers with overhead materials that explain vocabulary and... Read More »
Learning Chinese Language Through TV and Newspapers
The Chinese Breakthrough textbook provides authentic journalistic Chinese in printed form to students at the intermediate-to-advanced level. The textbook includes 15 lessons presented in increasing difficulty and organized around four topics: Daily... Read More »

The Chinese Breakthrough workbook includes exercises and classroom activities related to the DVD, audio, and textbook of this series. Each lesson includes classroom activities and fill-in-the-blank exercises to train students to understand rapid... Read More »
22 Miniscripts for Developing Advanced Listening Skills in Chinese
The Across the Straits student book contains 22 miniscripts to help improve the listening skills of intermediate and advanced students. Each of the 22 lessons within the book corresponds to the listening material found in the audio download and... Read More »
22 Miniscripts for Developing Advanced Listening Skills in Chinese

by Jianhua Bai, Juyu Sung, Hesheng Zhang

The Across the Straits transcript includes all of the listening material from the audio CDs and enhances the intermediate to advanced student’s listening comprehension. Written in both simplified and traditional characters with pinyin.
An Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course
The China Scene textbook explores modern Chinese through a range of contemporary social and cultural topics, such as the market economy and private enterprise, child adoption, single-parent households, and film and theater personalities. Presented... Read More »
An Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course
The China Scene DVD presents authentic television news reports and features that correspond with each China Scene textbook lesson. As part of this advanced multimedia course, the DVD allows students to hear and see the texts they are reading and... Read More »

The Adventures in Japanese, Volume 4 Workbook contains reading and writing exercises that correspond to the lessons in the Volume 4 textbook, and listening exercises from the Adventures in Japanese, Volume 4 audio CDs. Anime-inspired illustrations... Read More »

Now in ebook format! The Adventures in Japanese Dictionary is a convenient reference for users of this popular series, as well as for anyone learning Japanese. Covering Volumes 1 through 4 of the series, it contains Japanese-English and English-... Read More »
Innovative Chinese Courseware
The Chinese Odyssey, Volume 5 textbook solidifies students’ competence in modern Chinese communication. In year three of Chinese Odyssey, students will carry on more sophisticated discussions in Chinese and learn to express themselves in writing.... Read More »
Innovative Chinese Courseware
The Chinese Odyssey, Volumes 5 & 6 set of two WMA audio CDs contains audio content for all ten lessons of these two volumes, plus listening exercises and some speaking exercises from the CD-ROMs. This audio set corresponds to the Chinese Odyssey... Read More »

The Chinese Breakthrough DVD is composed of one-and-a-half hours of news segments from China. This audio-visual component provides students with an authentic example of daily Chinese, and increases their listening comprehension. This set contains... Read More »