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The Tsumiki 1 Teacher Resource Book gives the teacher ideas on how to enhance the students’ learning of the Tsumiki 1 lessons and tasks. The book contains unit overviews, comprehensive lesson notes for each unit in the student book and workbook,... Read More »

Tsumiki 1 Workbook contains tasks that reinforce lessons learned in the student textbook. The tasks include Listening, Reading, Writing, Investigating, Calculating and Surveying. The fun activities, such as crosswords and puzzles, stress specific... Read More »

Obento Deluxe is the new, revised edition of the first level, formerly called Obentoo 1. In this revised edition, sections are uniquely designed to correspond to the variety of dishes one would find in an obentoo (lunchbox). For example, the Teeburu... Read More »

Fourth Revised Edition
Authoritative and up-to-date, this fourth edition of the Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary covers over 90,000 words and phrases, and over 130,000 translations of contemporary Chinese and English, with hundreds of brand-new words added to both... Read More »

by Meg Evans, Yoko Masano, Setsuko Taniguchi

The Mirai Stage 1 Course Book is a high-energy, full-color textbook that offers a fun but challenging approach to learning the Japanese language. This book represents the first stage of study for beginning learners of Japanese. Written for a mixed-... Read More »

by Meg Evans, Yoko Masano, Setsuko Taniguchi

The Mirai Stage 1 Activity Book gives students the chance to practice and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom. The Activity Book is designed to accompany the beginning-level Mirai Stage 1 Course Book and features hiragana and kanji writing... Read More »

by Meg Evans, Yoko Masano, Setsuko Taniguchi, Miwa Groves-Moriwaki

The Mirai Stage 1 Activity Book gives students the chance to practice and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom. The Activity Book is designed to accompany the beginning-level Mirai Stage 1 Course Book and features katakana and kanji writing... Read More »

by Meg Evans, Yoko Masano, Ikuo Kawakami, Setsuko Taniguchi

The revised 2nd Edition of the Mirai Stage 6 Course Book is suitable for students who have already studied Japanese for three or four years. It is part of a complete six-stage Japanese series for secondary schools. the second of two textbooks... Read More »

With the increasing commercial, cultural, athletic and tourist interaction between the United States and Chinese-speaking Asia, this glossary serves the need for an easy explanation of legal terms and procedures with an accurate and authoritative... Read More »
A First-Year Textbook (4-Volume Set)
College Chinese is designed for the first year of Chinese study at the college level. Based on the author's 20-year experience of teaching at Harvard University, each volume of the College Chinese textbook contains 40 lessons based on activities and... Read More »
Learning Chinese Language Through TV and Newspapers
The Chinese Breakthrough textbook provides authentic journalistic Chinese in printed form to students at the intermediate-to-advanced level. The textbook includes 15 lessons presented in increasing difficulty and organized around four topics: Daily... Read More »

This companion to the bestselling Japanese: the Spoken Language begins with the two kana syllabaries and introduces approximately 300 kanji, following the Spoken Language text lesson by lesson. Appropriate for classroom or self-study programs. Non-... Read More »

The Chinese Breakthrough workbook includes exercises and classroom activities related to the DVD, audio, and textbook of this series. Each lesson includes classroom activities and fill-in-the-blank exercises to train students to understand rapid... Read More »

The Adventures in Japanese, Volume 1, Hiragana & Katakana workbook offers a complete practice guide for mastering hiragana and katakana scripts. The workbook emphasizes writing of Japanese syllabaries through practice grids that teach the... Read More »
22 Miniscripts for Developing Advanced Listening Skills in Chinese
The Across the Straits student book contains 22 miniscripts to help improve the listening skills of intermediate and advanced students. Each of the 22 lessons within the book corresponds to the listening material found in the audio download and... Read More »
22 Miniscripts for Developing Advanced Listening Skills in Chinese

by Jianhua Bai, Juyu Sung, Hesheng Zhang

The Across the Straits transcript includes all of the listening material from the audio CDs and enhances the intermediate to advanced student’s listening comprehension. Written in both simplified and traditional characters with pinyin.
A Guide to the 2000 Most Frequently Used Characters

edited by Wang Huidi

For non-native speakers of Chinese, learning to write characters correctly is often a major stumbling block to mastery of the language. This pocket-sized guide to the core 2,000 characters provides the easiest road to success in written Chinese.... Read More »
An Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course
The China Scene textbook explores modern Chinese through a range of contemporary social and cultural topics, such as the market economy and private enterprise, child adoption, single-parent households, and film and theater personalities. Presented... Read More »

by Tao-chung Yao
by Scott McGinnis

Add some fun to Chinese language learning! Let's Play Games in Chinese allows students to become more comfortable and confident as they use Chinese. This edition, with new drawings throughout, features dozens of games--from Simon Says to Visual... Read More »

by Shumang Fredlein, Paul Fredlein

Ni Hao Volume 1 is the first level of the Ni Hao series, designed for students in upper elementary or lower secondary school who have no prior knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. The text uses Chinese characters extensively, accompanied by pinyin as a... Read More »

compiled by Andrew C. Chang

Comprehensive and current, this lexicon is the first specifically designed to serve the needs of English speakers doing business in and with China and other Mandarin-speaking areas. It combines practicality and ease of use in addressing a wide range... Read More »

The Adventures in Japanese, Volume 3 workbook contains reading and writing exercises that correspond to the lessons in the Volume 3 textbook, and listening exercises from the Adventures in Japanese, Volume 3 audio CDs. Anime-inspired illustrations... Read More »

Ni Hao, Volume 4 is the fourth level of the Ni Hao series and is designed for students who have completed Ni Hao, Volumes 1-3. This level is ideally suited for students in high school. Topics include relationships, dating, fashion, part-time jobs,... Read More »

The student workbook for Ni Hao, Volume 4 provides a variety of activities that correspond to the lessons in the Ni Hao, Volume 4 textbook using all four communication skills. Activities can be adapted to suit the needs of a class or an individual.... Read More »

2nd Edition

by Shumang Fredlein, Paul Fredlein

The Ni Hao Volume 1 Student Workbook offers a wide variety of fun activities correlated with each lesson of the Ni Hao Volume 1 Textbook. The workbook uses listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises to reinforce newly learned vocabulary and... Read More »