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by Yang Li

With short reading passages from contemporary media sources and post-reading comprehension questions, this series emphasizes both reading speed and understanding. In simplified Chinese, with audio CDs.
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by Hazel Young Hasegawa

All in One Chinese Fun With a guiding principle of engaging students through play, All in One Chinese Fun contains songs, dances, plays, games, and other interactive activities for K-3 students in after school, home school, enrichment, or... Read More »
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by Akira Miura, Naomi Hanaoka McGloin

With equal emphasis on the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese uses a systematic approach to address the various needs of Japanese intermediate students for vocabulary-building,... Read More »
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Another Kind of Paradise, Short Stories from the New Asia-Pacific

Edited by Trevor Carolan

Another Kind of Paradise is available in eBook format for Kindle or Nook. Well-crafted stories can provide a glimpse into the lives of characters who are relevant to all times—whether they hail from sweltering Rangoon, uber-urban Tokyo, or the... Read More »
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by Irene Liu, Li Xiaoqi

Publisher's Note: an updated edition of this popular textbook with more exercises, expanded practices, and new essays is available. See Reading into a New China for details and samples.    The A New Text For a Modern China series innovatively... Read More »
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by Chieko Kano

This popular and well-reviewed textbook is the ideal reference for students of Japanese who seek a firm foundational knowledge of the most important kanji for daily use. Volume 1 and 2 each teaches approximately 250 of the most useful kanji,... Read More »
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Beyond the Basics, Communicative Chinese for Intermediate and Advanced Learners
2nd Edition

by Jianhua Bai, Juyu Sung, Janet Zhiqun Xing

Combining thought-provoking conversation topics with a communicative approach, this textbook and accompanying audio recordings emphasize the spoken language by encouraging serious dialogue among students. Task-based activities encourage genuine,... Read More »
In the Series:
1st Edition

by Chih-p'ing Chou, Yongtao Zhang, Yunjun Zhou

China's Development and Dilemmas compiles fourteen authentic readings to provide a nuanced picture of contemporary China. Focusing largely on controversial political and social dilemmas in Chinese society since the implementation of economic reforms... Read More »
In the Series:

by Hong Gang Jin, De Bao Xu, John Berninghausen

Chinese Breakthrough is an audio-visual program for students at the intermediate-to-advanced level and emphasizes language learning through the use of Mandarin Chinese television programs. The fully annotated ensemble (DVDs, audiotapes, textbook,... Read More »
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by Song Jiang, Haidan Wang

Much more than a set of flashcards, the BuilderCards are uniquely designed to help students build their Chinese vocabulary by understanding how groups of words are related. Research on second-language acquisition has proven that learning groups of... Read More »
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by Yi Lin

Chinese in Motion is a two-volume series designed to help advanced students use the Chinese language in real-life situations. Serving double-duty as a language textbook and a reference guide for contemporary China, Chinese in Motion encourages... Read More »
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by Xueying Wang, Li-chuang Chi, Liping Feng

Chinese Odyssey is an interactive series combining text and technology to enlighten and stimulate students of Chinese at all levels. Developed and field-tested by a teaching team from Johns Hopkins University, this flexible courseware is carefully... Read More »
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by Kai Li, James Erwin Dew

Classical Chinese’s innovative functional approach takes away the intimidation that most feel towards the study of classical Chinese.  Each lesson offers a selection of related grammatical function words and the syntactic structures defined by those... Read More »
In the Series:
1st Edition

by Panpan Gao, Hongyun Sun

Available Digitally: Winter 2021 Ideal for intermediate Chinese language learners, Expressive Chinese: Culture and Communication in a Changing China is a one-volume course designed to build advanced reading and writing proficiency in four areas:... Read More »
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by Shuhan C. Wang, Carol Ann Dahlberg, Chiachyi Chiu, Marisa Fang, Mei-Ju Hwang

At last, an elementary Chinese textbook series for American students that is as focused as it is fun! Developed in accordance with the ACTFL National Content Standards, Flying with Chinese is the first K–6 series created by a team of Chinese... Read More »
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Genki 3rd Edition Volumes 1 and 2 covers
3rd Edition

by Eri Banno, Yoko Ikeda, Chikako Shinagawa, Kyoko Takashiki

Now in its 3rd edition, the most popular college Japanese language textbook series in the United States has been revised and updated for today’s classrooms. Genki gives novice college and adult learners a solid grounding in all four language skill... Read More »
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Go Far with Chinese Textbook Covers Levels 1-3
1st Edition

by Ying Jin et al.

Download a sampler SERIES AVAILABILITY Level 1A Print: Available Now Web App: Available Now Level 1B Print: Available Now Web App: Available Now Level 1 Print: Available Now Web App: Available Now Level 2 Print: Available Now Web App: August... Read More »
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by The Greenfield Educational Centre

Do you want your child to learn to read Chinese, but have a hard time sustaining his or her interest? Cheng & Tsui is proud to offer this effective solution. Designed for the youngest students of either Mandarin or Cantonese, the I Can Read... Read More »
In the Series:

by Bobbie Kalman

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to go to school in Japan, ride a high-speed train, or experience Japan’s Children’s Day? This revised and beautifully designed series will answer all your questions and more as you explore the rich subject of Japan... Read More »
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Japanese Graded Readers
No matter what your proficiency level, you can start reading Japanese today with this four-level, multi-volume reader series. Learners will experience Japanese culture, practice reading and listening skills, and expand their grammar knowledge—all... Read More »
In the Series:
First Edition

by Max Hodges, Tomoko Okazaki

Learn, remember, and master Japanese faster with over 1,500 kanji flashcards. With special emphasis on all JLPT kanji, these meticulously designed and researched cards will save you hours of preparation time and make study and practice drills... Read More »
In the Series:

by Max Hodges, Tomoko Okazaki

Master hiragana and katakana easily with visual and verbal mnemonics. These cards conveniently gather all the information needed to quickly recognize and remember, read and write, and pronounce hiragana and katakana. Learn 450 basic Japanese... Read More »
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Learn Chinese With Me

by Fu Chen, Zhiping Zhu

Learn Chinese With Me guides junior high and high school students from beginning to low-intermediate-level Chinese over the course of four volumes. The series emphasizes functional use of the language with sentence patterns and grammar, in the... Read More »
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Cover images of the simplified and traditional editions of Li Bai & Du Fu

by Zu-yan Chen, Hong Zhang

"不学诗, 无以言: If you do not study poetry, you will have no words."—Confucius Returning to a Chinese tradition that locates poetry at the heart of education, Li Bai & Du Fu: An Advanced Reader of Chinese Language and Literature offers an innovative... Read More »
In the Series:

by Meg Evans, Yoko Masano, Setsuko Taniguchi, Miwa Groves-Moriwaki, Ikuo Kawakami

Mirai is a six-stage, full-color, user-friendly course, with a fun and engaging approach to the Japanese language that appeals to students and teachers alike. The approach is communicative, with an emphasis on natural language. Mirai features clear... Read More »
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