Obento, 5th Ed., Deluxe Teacher Toolkit

Obento, 5th Ed., Deluxe Teacher Toolkit

5th Edition
by Sue Xouris, Kyoko Kusumoto, Peter Williams

This wrap-around text provides teaching tips and strategies, saving teachers' time and supporting those less experienced or new to the series. At the back of the text are workbook pages with overprinted solutions and audio transcripts from the workbook. Also included on the NelsonNet website, are unit tests and solutions, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and curriculum grids.

NelsonNet teacher resources included in teacher toolkit purchase:

  • Chapter PDFs
  • Grammar PowerPoint presentations
  • Workbook solutions (PDFs)
  • Worksheets and solutions
  • Curriculum grids
  • Audio and video transcripts
  • Tests and solutions
  • Animated cartoon stories
  • Play and say vocab
  • Videos
  • Language and script quizzes
  • Student book audio
  • Workbook audio and videos


Cengage Australia
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8.5" x 11"
Table of Contents
  • Unit 1: どうぞよろしく
  • Unit 2: 一、二、三
  • Unit 3: どこから?
  • Unit 4: かぞく
  • Unit 5: ワンワン、ガーガー
  • Unit 6: すしが すき!
  • Unit 7: いつですか
  • Unit 8: しゅみは?
  • Unit 9: どこに? だれと? なんで?
  • Unit 10: なにを しますか
  • Unit 11: ひまなとき
  • Unit 12: どうでしたか
About the Series

The brand new fifth edition of Obento retains many of the much-loved features of the previous editions, with new and improved ones to meet the needs of current high school students and teachers. The textbooks offer greater support for the acquisition of Japanese script, streamlined and high-caliber digital content, and a more cohesive series.

About the Author(s)

Sue Xouris has authored a number of published works, including the Obento Snack Pack and Deluxe series. Sue has vast experience in teaching, writing and presenting Japanese language learning material. Sue currently teaches Japanese at St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill in Sydney, Australia. Sue has previously managed The Nihongo Tanken Centre and she has also lectured in Languages Education at the University of Technology, Sydney and Sydney University.

Kyoko Kusumoto is an experienced Japanese teacher. Over a period of two decades she has taught the Japanese language to primary and secondary students, including mature age students. Kyoko currently teaches at Santa Sabina College, Sydney, Australia and has extensive experience as Senior Marker, Supervisor of Marking and as a judge of HSC NSW. She has served as a committee member and presenter for the Japanese Teachers' Association, JTAN, has completed a Masters in Education, and has qualifications in NAAFTI Japanese translation and interpreting. Before her teaching career, Kyoko was an editor of children's educational books in Japan and her extensive educational experience has been invaluable in her role as co-author of both the Obento Deluxe and Supreme series.

Peter Williams enjoyed an extensive teaching career before he joined the Western Australian School Curriculum and Standards Authority (2006–2016) where he managed standards development across P–12.