Ni Hao, Volume 5 Textbook w/ Software Download (Simplified)

Ni Hao, Volume 5 Textbook w/ Software Download (Simplified)


Ni Hao, Volume 5 is a further advanced level to Ni Hao, Volume 4, and is the fifth and final stage in the series, designed for students who have completed Ni Hao, Volumes 1-4. This level is ideally suited for high school seniors. Topics include aspirations and future careers, marriage, family relationships, city and country lifestyles, and cultural topics such as poetry, paintings and fengshui.



In this level pinyin is no longer used on new characters. Students are encouraged to use their knowledge of the Chinese language to decipher words and meanings to prepare them for reading real life material.



Ni Hao 5 includes wider range of vocabulary, phrases and popular expressions to allow students to hold descriptive and detailed conversations, express their opinions on topical issues and communicate articulately in a range of common situations.



This textbook includes the Ni Hao Language Lab Textbook Edition software download and is in simplified characters.



FREE software download (forthcoming)
A FREE download is available for the Ni Hao Language Lab Textbook Edition (Lab TE) software: download here. The software includes recordings of the pronunciation practice, dialogues and readings, vocabulary, and common phrases sections from each lesson in the textbook. Students can also record their own voice to compare pronunciation. To access this download you must go through the process as directed on screen and enter the ISBN when instructed. The software is available for Windows and MacOS X and in simplified characters only.


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About the Series

The Ni Hao textbooks feature a wide range of situational settings and vocabulary to encourage students to practice Chinese in everyday activities. Each lesson presents conversations as illustrated scripts that facilitate role-playing and help students put their communicative skills into action. Engaging additional sections clearly explain new vocabulary and language usage, character stroke order, and Chinese culture. Songs, rhymes, tongue twisters, cartoons, stories, and interesting features of Chinese characters tie the lessons together and make learning fun.

The Ni Hao series includes textbooks, workbooks, and teacher's handbooks as well as great supplements like audio CDs and games software.