Ni Hao, Volume 2 Workbook, 3rd Edition (Traditional)

Ni Hao, Volume 2 Workbook, 3rd Edition (Traditional)

3rd Edition

The student workbook for Ni Hao, Volume 2, provides a variety of activities using all four communication skills, corresponding to the lessons in the Ni Hao, Volume 2 textbook. Activities can be adapted to suit the needs of the class or the individual.

Chinese characters are used in conjunction with pinyin throughout the book to reinforce the student’s reading and writing skills. Students are not required to write exclusively in characters, but are encouraged to use a combination of pinyin and characters.

Characters learned are listed in the textbook in each lesson and included in the “Writing Exercise” section of the workbook. Both are illustrated with stroke order. This workbook is in simplified characters only.

What's new in the 3rd Edition?

  • A new section "About Pinyin and characters" betters students' knowledge on pinyin rules and the origin of Chinese characters.
  • Two new review lessons were added for each end-semester sum up.
  • Offers a smoother transition from the introductory level to this elementary level, with stronger focus on the important sentence structure, but using a shorter vocabulary list.
  • The language introduced is more frequently and functionally repeated.
  • Settings and illustrations are closely related to students' daily life and are spiced with humor to lift students' learning spirit. Comics were also added to reinforce learning.
  • In the Workbook, exercises are now catered for individual sections in each lesson. New items introduced in each section are grouped for easy learning and handy referral.
  • In addition to exercises, each lesson includes both the listening and reading tasks for summative learning and testing. The settings of these tasks often poke fun at teenagers to incur laughter.



Cheng & Tsui
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8.5 x 11
B/W Illustrations
Table of Contents

Ni Hao 2: Elementary Level (Workbook)

Introduction    iii

Map of China  vi

Lesson 1 第一课

My birthday 我的生日


Lesson 2 第二课

My daily routine 我的日常生活


Lesson 3 第三课

Xiaoming's home 小明的家


Lesson 4 第四课

My clothes 我的衣服


Lesson 5 第五课

Shopping 买东西


Lesson 6 第六课

Visiting a friend 拜访朋友


Lesson 7 第七课

Making phone calls 打电话


Lesson 8 第八课

Eating 吃饭


Lesson 9 第九课

Weather 天气


Lesson 10 第十课

Revision 复习


Writing Exercise




About the Series

The Ni Hao textbooks feature a wide range of situational settings and vocabulary to encourage students to practice Chinese in everyday activities. Each lesson presents conversations as illustrated scripts that facilitate role-playing and help students put their communicative skills into action. Engaging additional sections clearly explain new vocabulary and language usage, character stroke order, and Chinese culture. Songs, rhymes, tongue twisters, cartoons, stories, and interesting features of Chinese characters tie the lessons together and make learning fun.

The Ni Hao series includes textbooks, workbooks, and teacher's handbooks as well as great supplements like audio CDs and games software.