Integrated Chinese Enhanced eBook, Level 1 Part 2, 3rd Ed.

Integrated Chinese Enhanced eBook, Level 1 Part 2, 3rd Ed.


With content identical to the printed textbook, the Enhanced eBook edition of the bestselling Integrated Chinese series takes full advantage of your tablet’s capabilities.

Features of this Enhanced eBook edition include:

  • Seamless navigation between the main dialogue and grammar explanations
  • Clickable dialogue annotations for language and grammar support
  • Conveniently embedded audio for dialogues, narrations, and new vocabulary
  • Full highlighting, note-writing, and note-organizing capabilities
  • In simplified Chinese, with dialogue audios and access to texts in traditional characters, pinyn, transcription, and English translations

To view a preview and purchase the Enhanced eBook, please visit the iTunes Bookstore by clicking the icon below.  You will be taken away from the Cheng & Tsui website and onto the official iTunes website.

This Enhanced eBook includes audio and other interactive materials. The current version is designed and optimized for iPad only. For best reading experience, we recommend using iBooks 1.5 or later and iOS 5.0. or later.  For more details on systems requirements, visit the Enhanced eBook Page in the iTunes Bookstore.

Other volumes will follow sequentially.
The full Integrated Chinese Enhanced eBook can only be purchased through the
official Apple iTunes store, and is not available for download anywhere else.



About the Series

There is a new edition of Integrated Chinese available. Click for more information on the 4th Edition of Integrated Chinese

With an emphasis on practicing a broad range of written and verbal communication skills and building cultural understanding, the series is ideally suited for students who want a comprehensive grounding in the Chinese language. Coordinated practice develops students' listening, speaking, reading, and writing and builds proficiency in using the Chinese language in a variety of real-life situations. Throughout the series, Integrated Chinese incorporates the three modes of communication—interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational—and ACTFL's "Five Cs' : Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.Integrated Chinese, the leading introductory Chinese textbook at colleges and universities around the world, offers comprehensive instruction and an array of print and digital options. With content organized into 10 engaging lessons per volume, Level 1 Parts 1 and 2 feature flexible pacing, communicative activities, up-to-date vocabulary, and extensive cultural notes. An exciting storyline links all dialogues and readings. Level 2, with 10 lessons in each volume, includes exercises in each lesson, and accommodates flexibility in teaching schedules.

The series is a two-year course that includes textbooks, eBooks, workbooks, character workbooks, online workbooks, audio CDs, and teacher's handbooks. Materials are available in both simplified and traditional character versions.


Extensive resources to expand instruction are available at