Go Far with Chinese Level 1 Textbook

Go Far with Chinese Level 1 Textbook

1st Edition
Developed by the Cheng & Tsui Curriculum Development Team

Designed for secondary school students with no prior knowledge of Chinese, Go Far with Chinese Level 1 uses a proficiency-based approach to give learners a solid foundation in all four language skills. The series' emphasis on authentic communicative tasks and activities helps ensure students build the confidence to use their budding language skills and newly acquired cultural knowledge of China in the real world. 

In Go Far with Chinese Level 1, students follow Isabella and Martin Lopez, two American teenagers, as they learn Chinese and adapt to life in Beijing. Each Chapter brings a new episode in the lives of the Lopezes in the form of an entertaining comic story that combines the Chapter vocabulary and grammar in a novel way. Level 1 covers topics that are both relevant and interesting to teenage language learners, such as family, pets, sports, and music. 

Level 1 is intended to be used for one year at the high school level. For middle school programs or programs with limited instructional hours, Level 1 is also available as a split edition (Levels 1A & 1B). Level 1 introduces approximately 300 new words.


Cheng & Tsui
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Table of Contents

Unit 1: First Impressions

  • Chapter 1: Getting to Know Chinese
  • Chapter 2: What's in a Name?
  • Chapter 3: Tell Me About Yourself

Unit 2: Exploring a New Place

  • Chapter 4: Goodbye America, Hello China!
  • Chapter 5: Sports in the Neighborhood
  • Chapter 6: Appreciating New Sounds

Unit 3: Celebrating Special Occasions

  • Chapter 7: Do You Have Plans?
  • Chapter 8: Shopping for the Perfect Gift
  • Chapter 9: A Birthday Dinner

Unit 4: School Life

  • Chapter 10: Too Many Classes!
  • Chapter 11: How’s It Going?
  • Chapter 12: Taking Care of Yourself

Unit 5: A Balanced Schedule

  • Chapter 13: Looking for Support
  • Chapter 14: Making Progress
  • Chapter 15: School and Activities
About the Series

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Go Far with Chinese is a comprehensive, proficiency-based Chinese language program for middle school and high school students. The series provides age-appropriate content to meet the specific needs and interests of teenage language learners, while building articulation to college-level programs, including our internationally acclaimed Integrated Chinese series. 

Students follow Martin and Isabella Lopez, two American teenagers whose mother receives a work assignment in Beijing. Each chapter brings a new episode in the lives of the Lopezes, allowing students to experience the excitement and challenges of adapting to life in China. 

Thoughtful vocabulary control and contextual grammar instruction help students achieve intermediate-low level proficiency in Chinese. Engaging cultural features jam-packed with up-to-date information about the lives of young Chinese people also help students connect to and apply the content. The series' robust teacher resources, developed in collaboration with a team of experienced educators, make it easy to create an effective, enjoyable, and flexible learning experience. 

About the Author(s)

Go Far with Chinese was developed by the curriculum development team at Cheng & Tsui with contributions from expert middle school and high school teachers from across the country, including Senior Curriculum Adviser Ying Jin and Lead Instructional Contributors Cilei Han, Zoey Liu, Diane Neubauer, and Erica Pollard.