Go Far with Chinese Level 1 Teacher Resources (File Pack)

Go Far with Chinese Level 1 Teacher Resources (File Pack)

1st Edition
Developed by the Cheng & Tsui Curriculum Development Team

The Go Far with Chinese Level 1 Teacher Resources are designed to help teachers meet the unique challenges of teaching Chinese to young English speakers. The instructional strategies, presentations, worksheets, and other materials provided in the Teacher’s Resources support teachers in implementing the research-based practices advocated by ACTFL, while also simplifying lesson preparation. Many opportunities for personalization and differentiation, as well as suggestions for extending instruction, are built into the materials, allowing teachers to easily adapt them to meet the needs of diverse learners. 

The Teacher Resources are available as downloadable Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint presentations (PPTs), so that teachers can customize the materials to best suit their individual teaching styles.

The Teacher Resources are also included in an Educator subscription of Go Far with Chinese on the ChengTsui Web App™.

Materials Included in the File Pack:

  • General Resources
  • General teaching tips
  • Sample pacing charts
  • Workbook audio script and answer key

Unit-Level Resources

  • Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) with handouts, answer keys, and rubrics

Chapter-Level Resources

  • Suggested warm-up activities
  • 1 Can-Do Goals preview worksheet
  • 1 Culture Connection worksheet
  • Specific teaching tips for each Section, including tips on personalization and differentiation
  • 3 Target Language PPTs with Q&A scripts, activities, and stories
  • 3 Activities PPTs with in-class games and activities
  • Puzzle It Out and comprehension check answer keys
  • 3 Using the Language worksheets with suggestions for in-class follow-up discussions
  • Floating features implementation tips with additional questions
  • Put the Pieces Together! answer keys, audio scripts, and classroom management tips for the Final Project
  • Suggested homework assignments from the Workbook and Character Workbook
  • Bank of assessment items with audio for creating tests and quizzes


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Go Far with Chinese is a comprehensive, proficiency-based Chinese language program for middle school and high school students. The series provides age-appropriate content to meet the specific needs and interests of teenage language learners, while building articulation to college-level programs, including our internationally acclaimed Integrated Chinese series. 

Students follow Martin and Isabella Lopez, two American teenagers whose mother receives a work assignment in Beijing. Each chapter brings a new episode in the lives of the Lopezes, allowing students to experience the excitement and challenges of adapting to life in China. 

Thoughtful vocabulary control and contextual grammar instruction help students achieve intermediate-low level proficiency in Chinese. Engaging cultural features jam-packed with up-to-date information about the lives of young Chinese people also help students connect to and apply the content. The series' robust teacher resources, developed in collaboration with a team of experienced educators, make it easy to create an effective, enjoyable, and flexible learning experience. 

About the Author(s)

Go Far with Chinese was developed by the curriculum development team at Cheng & Tsui with contributions from expert middle school and high school teachers from across the country, including Senior Curriculum Adviser Ying Jin and Lead Instructional Contributors Cilei Han, Zoey Liu, Diane Neubauer, and Erica Pollard.