Genki, Level 2 Workbook, 2nd Edition

Genki, Level 2 Workbook, 2nd Edition

An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese

The Genki, Level 2 workbook allows students to practice what they’ve learned in the Level 2 textbook. The workbook follows the grammar, kanji and vocabulary learned in the eleven textbook lessons and adds fun, but meaningful practice exercises. Audio CDs are included in the second edition.

In addition to the exercises found in the textbook, the workbook includes fill-in the blanks, writing composition prompts, translation practice, and character sheets. Audio CDs, sold separately, provides dialogues and listening material for comprehension exercises.

The workbook supplements textbook learning and builds students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Transition Notes:

If you're used to using the first edition, please see the following website, which lists the major changes between the first and second editions: The New Genki


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257 x 182
Paperback w/ CD-ROM
B/W Illustrations
About the Series

Genki offers beginning college and adult learners a solid grounding in the four language skills, with an emphasis on listening and speaking.  Now in a second edition, easy-to-understand grammar explanations, illustrated exercises, and everyday life scenes are the hallmarks of the Genki series.  Textbook examples of Japanese dialogue and grammar point are easy to read and understand and Genki presents the most frequently used vocabulary, expressions, and grammar in Japanese, giving students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in their daily lives.  

Workbooks and audio CDs provide numerous practice opportunities that correspond with the Genk itextbook.  The Picture Card CD-Rom supports Genki's list of vocabulary.