Tsumiki 2 Workbook

Tsumiki 2 Workbook

by Margaret Lee, Yuka Ito

Tsumiki 2 Workbook contains tasks that help lessons learned in the student textbook. The tasks are comprised of Listening, Reading, Writing, Investigating, Calculating and Surveying. The fun activities, such as crosswords and puzzles, in the workbook stress specific gramatical points or the chapter's vocabulary and help students grow confortable in the day-to-day usage of the language, as well as formal writing and speaking situations. Activities follow the order of presentation in the student book and listening activities based on the audio CDs have an icon showing CD number and track


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About the Series

Tsumiki are “building blocks,” and this Japanese language course for Grades 7-10 is clearly structured around a logical sequence of sentence patterns that build on knowledge from previous “blocks.” Tsumiki provides a rigorous yet realistic program that will help students reach their full potential in Japanese language learning.

The course is developed around the experiences of two students, Andrew and Mariana, as they prepare to visit Japan. Hiragana and katakana are introduced separately before the main lessons, to accommodate instructors’ different approaches to teaching Japanese script. The workbook provides exercises to complement each unit, and audio CDs present textbook dialogues and workbook listening activities. The Level 1 Teacher Resource Book contains a detailed work program, lesson notes, transcripts of listening activities, and blackline masters. For Level 2, Teacher Notes are available free of charge online, and the Blackline Masters are sold separately.

Tsumiki 1 has been placed on the State of California’s list of Japanese language programs approved for legal compliance.

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