Obento Deluxe Workbook and CDs

Obento Deluxe Workbook and CDs


The Obento Deluxe Workbook is the necessary accompaniment to the Student Book. This new edition offers all the exercises and tasks that have made the Workbook so famous so far, plus two additional CDs.

Third edition CDs:

  • 1 audio CD-ROM, including extension listening activities for students to complete in class or at home and to prepare for unit tests.
  • 1 video CD-ROM, including voice recognition software, video clips (one per chapter), related exercises, and other visual stimuli so students can 'see' the language in action, according to most modern curricula requirements and reflect on intercultural issues.


  • Comprehension material, listening tasks, creative activities, quizzes, visual material and a unit-by-unit Japanese-English vocabulary list
  • Additional listening tasks are signalled throughout the workbook, and a track list is provided at the back of the book
  • Video clips with games and activities

FREE Companion Website Website includes information, links, and a student section, which provides interactive activities to help students consolidate what they have learnt. It also allows them to listen to dialogues at their own pace.


Nelson Pty Ltd. (a Cengage Company)
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Trim Size: 
8.5 x 11
Paperback w/ CD-ROM
Black and white illustrations
About the Series

This obentoo (“lunchbox”) offers an exciting, culturally based approach to study of the Japanese language. Students will love the lively and authentic presentation of this colorful and authentic series.

Obento (formerly known as Obentoo) addresses the use of hiragana, katakana, and kanji, is adaptable to a wide variety of course content, and contains a wealth of teacher support material. Obento student books feature colorful, clear, easy-to-use layouts; manga-style cartoons; detailed grammar and vocabulary summaries; and songs, games, and craft activities.

The Teacher Resource Files contain Teacher Notes (also sold separately) that feature presentation and teaching techniques, cassette transcripts, game ideas, masters for cartoons, suggestions for activities based upon the text, and more.

About the Obento Series

Obento is a fully integrated course in three stages, written specifically for secondary students learning Japanese. Obento Deluxe is the revised first level of this highly popular series, followed by the intermediate-level Obento Supreme and the more advanced Obento Senior. The Obento series is based on Australia's National Curriculum Guidelines for Japanese. Fun, engaging and colorful, the series includes Student Books, Workbooks, Audio CDs, Teacher Resources, and an interactive website at