Ni Hao, Volume 4 Teacher's Handbook, 3rd Edition

Ni Hao, Volume 4 Teacher's Handbook, 3rd Edition


The Ni Hao, Volume 4 Teacher’s Handbook The handbook provides supplementary information and notes about each lesson in the textbook and the workbook, as well as the materials for the workbook listening exercises and answers to the workbook questions. In order to help students overcome inhibitions and enjoy the learning process, the handbook is packed with variety of creative learning activities and games that allow them to practice their language skills in a relaxed setting. Specially designed worksheets for some of the activities are included in the blackline masters section to be copied for class use. Game cards and flashcards can also be copied for class using the “Phrases & Pictures” and the “Characters” in the second part of the blackline masters section. 

Note: Ni Hao Teacher’s Handbooks are available in simplified characters only.



ChinaSoft/Cheng & Tsui
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8.5 x 11
About the Series

The Ni Hao textbooks feature a wide range of situational settings and vocabulary to encourage students to practice Chinese in everyday activities. Each lesson presents conversations as illustrated scripts that facilitate role-playing and help students put their communicative skills into action. Engaging additional sections clearly explain new vocabulary and language usage, character stroke order, and Chinese culture. Songs, rhymes, tongue twisters, cartoons, stories, and interesting features of Chinese characters tie the lessons together and make learning fun.

The Ni Hao series includes textbooks, workbooks, and teacher's handbooks as well as great supplements like audio CDs and games software.