Li Bai & Du Fu (Audio Download)

Li Bai & Du Fu (Audio Download)

An Advanced Reader of Chinese Language and Literature
Recorded by Hong Zhang

This beautifully arranged audio companion brings to life the twenty-six poems included in Zu-yan Chen’s annotated anthology, Li Bai & Du Fu: An Advanced Reader of Chinese Language and Literature. Hong Zhang, a master of voice performance, sets her recordings against Chinese instrumental music to match the mood and atmosphere of each classical verse. Students can follow along while reading, not only for appreciation but also to improve their own mastery of the language.

Includes 27 MP3 files, playable on your computer or MP3 compatible CD player.

From the preface of Li Bai & Du Fu:

"When one memorizes a poem, it is no longer just a poem, but his or her poem. When reciting it, students can practice varying the sounds, adding pauses and emphases in different spots in searching for the most accurate articulation for the poem.... Memorizing and reciting poems is a great way to develop both a tenacious attention to detail and the essential literary skills that are key to critical thinking and unlocking the secrets of poetry."


About the Series

"不学诗, 无以言: If you do not study poetry, you will have no words."


Returning to a Chinese tradition that locates poetry at the heart of education, Li Bai & Du Fu: An Advanced Reader of Chinese Language and Literature offers an innovative approach to studying the writings of China’s most revered classical poets.

In this volume, Tang poetry expert Zu-yan Chen has artfully compiled and annotated twenty-six poems of Li and Du in their original, classical Chinese. Organized by poet and by themes such as “Moon Poetry,” “Wine Drinking Poetry,” and “War Poetry,” each poem is accompanied by a short essay of analysis and appreciation in contemporary Chinese, which discusses the poem’s linguistic, historical, literary, and philosophical aspects. Together these poems and essays encourage students to assimilate the subtleties of both contemporary and classical Chinese language. Audio recordings of the poems in this volume are available for sale as downloadable files.

Combined with biographical and historical background in both Chinese and English, exercises in translation and comprehension, and indexed vocabulary, Li Bai & Du Fu is a welcome and enduring addition to any advanced Chinese literature or language classroom.