Learn Chinese With Me, Workbook 1

Learn Chinese With Me, Workbook 1


Workbook 1 provides additional reinforcement activities for each lesson of Student's Book 1. There are eight to ten exercises in each lesson that cover both grammar and vocabulary, giving students practice in Pinyin, Chinese characters, words, phrases and sentences through varied and enjoyable activities. The workbooks can be used at home or in class. In simplified characters with pinyin and some English commentary.


People's Education Press
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8.25 x 10.75
About the Series

Learn Chinese With Me guides junior high and high school students from beginning to low-intermediate-level Chinese over the course of four volumes. The series emphasizes functional use of the language with sentence patterns and grammar, in the context of everyday activities of teenagers such as school, hanging out with friends, family life, and shopping. Colorful cartoons and lively activities make learning fun and constructive. Music, mazes, matching, and multiple-choice question exercises not only engage students, but increase their practice in all four language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Each level covers six units of study and includes a student book, workbook, and teacher's book. The student book comes with audio CDs to expand the learning experience.

In simplified characters with pinyin and some English commentary.