Tales and Traditions, Vol 1, ChengTsui Web App™

Tales and Traditions, Vol 1, ChengTsui Web App™

New 2nd Edition

In addition to the printed books, you now have the option of accessing all the series’ components digitally, while being able to create classes —all through our Web App! This electronic version can be accessed for two years after the date of purchase.

ChengTsui Web App™

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About the Series

Just as children gain literacy in their native language by reading, learners of a foreign language must read large amounts of level-appropriate books and material to attain fluency in their target language. Tales and Traditions was specially created to help learners of Chinese achieve that goal, by collecting adaptations and selections from the most well-known works in the Chinese literary and folk canon in a series of convenient supplementary readers.

Perfect for class instruction or pleasure reading outside of class, Tales and Traditions exposes students to a wealth of information essential for the development of cultural fluency in Chinese. This series of graded readings will be especially welcomed because the Advanced Placement* exam and other standardized tests of Chinese require knowledge of China’s literary, cultural, and historical traditions.