China Scene, Audio Download

China Scene, Audio Download


The China Scene audio download provides students with authentic broadcast media reports and features from Mainland China, so that students can hear the television texts they are reading and translating for themselves. The download Includes audio recordings of vocabulary, dialogues, and media transcripts.



Cheng & Tsui
MP3 Audio
About the Series

The China Scene textbook explores modern Chinese through a range of contemporary social and cultural topics, such as the market economy and private enterprise, child adoption, single-parent households, and film and theater personalities. Presented in both traditional and simplified characters, each of sixteen lessons focuses on original television news reports and features, and includes transcripts of each broadcast, related dialogues, vocabulary, and background information. Key language points—words and phrases, sentence structures, and cultural notes—explain the relationship between the text and the grammar as it is used in everyday speech. At the end of each lesson, “language structure” and “language practicum” exercises help students master new vocabulary and apply what they’ve learned to real-life situations.

This revised printing includes corrections of typographical errors that occurred in the first printing.